Summer University

6 Weeks of Summer Bible Studies

May 24 - June 28 / Wednesday 6-7pm 

Money Matters 

Does managing money stress you out? The Bible offers several principles for managing money and being good stewards of things God has given us. Jeremy Orman will be teaching you how to develop lasting financial principles that will ease your stress in the area of finances. 

Health & Fitness 

Do you want to be in better health? Have you tried dieting but it doesn't work? You need to check out the Biblical principles found in First Place 4 Health. Mark and Denise Davis will be teaching a short First Place 4 Health course that will help you develop a healthier way to live. 

Bible Journaling 

Have you ever struggled with taking notes, focusing on God's word, and Bible journaling. Charity Spann will be teaching ladies the beauty, value and practical principles of Bible Journaling. 

Big Ideas of the Bible 

Do you understand the Bible, the character of God, and the purpose of mankind? Ron Snead will teach over the most noticeable themes of the Bible. The Bible is full of characters, stories, and exciting themes but sometimes it can be overwhelming to understand. This class will focus on some of the major themes in the Bible and give students a greater understanding of who God is. 

Overview of End Times 

Have you ever wanted to know what the Bible says about the end times? Roy Matlock has a great understanding of the end times and wants to share it with you. He will walk you through a brief snapshot of the events, timeline, and details of the end times.

Andy Griffith Bible Study 

Do you like to learn from stories? Billy Kilmer and J.D. Woodard will use stories to teach the Bible. More specifically they will use specific scenes of the Andy Griffith Show to highlight timeless themes of the Bible and encourage students to put them into practice. 

Grief and Loss

Many times people are suffering because of someone (parent, child, spouse, friend) they lost due to death, divorce, or disaster. Jaycob Kramer will be teaching on overcoming grief and loss. He will be using Norman Wright's book  Recovering from Losses in Life to develop Biblical principles for dealing with loss.

A Glimpse of Heaven 

What will heaven be like? Ken Robinson will be walking through the pages of scripture to help develop a accurate picture of what Heaven will be like. He will use Randy Alcorn's Heaven to help answer questions about what people will experience in heaven.

Marriage Principles 

Is there such a thing as a perfect marriage? I think we all know the answer to that question is...NO. Every marriage needs to be strengthened and encouraged from time-to-time. Dennis and Tereasa Holmes will share Biblical principles and personal experiences on how you can have a lasting and rewarding marriage. 

 A Call To Manhood 

What does it mean to be a man? Many times we assume men just know how to be men but that's not true. Every season of manhood is different and sometimes we need help from someone who is battle tested. Steve Veazey will be teaching men how to be men by using Robert Lewis' 33 the Series: A Man and His Design