Summer University

May 23-June 27 // 6:30-7:30pm


(1) 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit
Teacher: Christi Baugh

Hey ladies, no matter your age or stage in life, this class is for you. We are all exhausted, over-committed and possibly dissatisfied with how things have turned out in life. During this class we will talk about 5 habits that Ruth discovered in her life to be able to love God completely and persevere  with gladness. Come join us as we will laugh & learn together.

(2) Follow the Cloud
Teacher: Ron Snead

Being a Christian involves knowing and following God. However many Christians struggle in walking with God because they have not been taught how to follow God. John Stickl’s book, "Follow the Cloud" explains that God wants to set us free from sin and then guide us one step at a time, as we become the men and women He wants us to be. When we learn to follow Him by Faith we can reach our full potential. If you want to strengthen your walk with the Lord then this class is for you.

(3) Andy Griffith Bible Study
Teacher: Billy Kilmer

Do you like to learn from stories? We will use stories to teach the Bible. More specifically we will use some scenes from the Andy Griffith Show to highlight timeless themes of the Bible and encourage you to put them into practice. Come join us in Mayberry.

(4) Things Before Adam
Teacher: Roy Matlock

The story of beginnings found in Genesis is very familiar to many, but have you ever wondered what took place before Adam? Like God’s nature (all-knowing, all powerful, and always present), the role of Angels, and the details of creation. During this class we will briefly cover all of these topics. Come join us as we dig into the things before Adam.

(5) Just Answer the Question
Teacher: Ken Robinson

Did you know that Jesus asked 307 questions in the New Testament? If Jesus knew all the answers, why did he ask so many questions? The reason Jesus asked questions was for our benefit. He wanted us to pay attention and He wanted to shine a light on the answer. We can’t cover all 307, but we’ll look at some of these questions in an attempt to have “a little talk with Jesus”. Join us as we put ourselves in the conversation as we look at questions Jesus asked.


(6) First Place for Health
Teacher: Mark and Denise Davis

First place for health is a six week bible study that promotes balance in our lives. It will focus on the Bible study and nutrition and exercise. Those areas will help us be balanced spiritually and nutritionally while maintaining a healthy lifestyle

(7) Grief Share
Teacher: Jaycob Kramer

Grief and bereavement are very difficult times in life and occur when we experience “loss”. Loss happens when someone or something important to us is no longer with us. The questions then become how do we cope (or deal with) loss? What does God say about loss?  These questions are important and we will attempt to answer them all. If you struggle with loss, please join this class.  


(8) Parenting Your Child’s Heart

Teacher: Larry and Jennifer Pierce

Parenting is work! It’s exhausting but incredibly rewarding. It’s easy for parents in 2018 to become so overwhelmed with schedules and daily tasks that we miss the opportunities to shape our child’s heart. Tedd and Margy Tripp's book “Instructing a Child's Heart”, helps parents give instruction to their children that will focus more on character than on behavior. Come learn how to point your child toward the satisfaction from doing things God's way!

(9) His Needs and Her Needs
Teacher: Steve and Leanna Veazey

Want to increase the satisfaction in your marriage? Oh course! William Harley’s book “His Needs, Her Needs” identifies the ten most important needs husbands and wives require to experience martial satisfaction. If you want to strengthen your marriage with Biblical principles and practical examples, this class is for you.

(10) Motherhood But FIRST God
Teacher: Lori Davis

Being a mother can be chaotic at times. Depending on what stage of motherhood you’re in you’ll have to balance daily routines, demands, diapers, drama, disrespect, and dislocated bones. Motherhood can feel confusing and overwhelming at times. The fact is it will always be busy and demanding but it doesn’t have to be chaotic. The key is making Jesus the center of your life no matter what is happening around you. If you’re a mom and you need to slow down, breathe deep, regroup, or just find your sanity, this class is for yo