Grief Class


East Union Grief Class

Dates: May 2nd-June 27th

Location: The Shop

Teacher: Jaycob Kramer

Grief and bereavement are very difficult times in life. The word "loss" is oftentimes used when speaking about death, grief, bereavement, and mourning. The reason is, there was something in our lives that we had (felt like we possessed it) but now it is gone. The loss can be the result of death, miscarriage, divorce, custody battles and much more. The questions then becomes how do we cope (or deal with) loss? What does God say about loss? What provisions has God given us to help us during loss? How can we see loss through God's eyes? How long should we grieve (cry)? These questions are important and we will attempt to answer them all. If you or a loved one is struggle with loss, please get signed up for this class today. You can sign up by completing the form below.