Xtreme Student Life (XSLife) 
- Students (6th-12th grade) gather in the TEEN WING every Wednesday night 6:30-7:30pm to hang out with friends, worship loud, dig deep into the Bible and make much of Jesus. 

Loud On Impact (LOI) - Once every 4-6 weeks during XSLife we blow the roof off by cranking up the praise & worship, playing wild games, setting the skit team loose and bringing in a powerful speaker to challenge, inspire and encourage students.  The one thing you can count on during LOI is that you never know what's gonna happen! 

LifeGroups (Sunday School) 
- Students (6th-9th grade)meet in LOFT (Life Center) and Students (10th-12th grade) meet in the Care Center (beige house across the parking lot) each Sunday morning 10am for an age and gender specific Bible study.  

Student-Led Worship- Occasionally on a Sunday night the students will lead out in worship for the entire church.


For more info about Middle School ministry, contact Matt Terry.  For info about High School ministry, contact Doug Goodman. 501-888-2633